Apartment Locating in the Mile High City

Apartment Locating in the Mile High City

We all know the struggle of trying to find an apartment that fits our needs, feels right, and is within our budget.  In fact, Denver is not surprisingly one of the more expensive cities to live in the Rocky Mountain region. Finding an apartment in Denver is stressful, competitive and, frankly, just not fun.

Working with Vita Locators, a veteran mile high locator, can turn that difficult task into a breeze.

As an apartment locator, our job is to make this the easiest apartment search ever.

Apartment hunting in the Mile High is a different kind of beast

Many of our clients have never used an apartment finder before moving to the Mile High City. However, Denver is a quickly growing into a widely popular destination for transplants from more expensive East and West-coast locales. With them, come higher rents and more disposable incomes.

While that may come as no surprise, what may shock you is that as much as we are growing we still aren’t keeping up with current demand. New condos and townhouse builds have only recently started to catch up with the market, turning many folks into apartment-dwellers.

And while you will see a TON of cranes throughout the Denver metro, downtown Denver and the Highlands are still the only walkable areas of the city (relative to what coastal transplants are used to). But there are only so many vacant lots and parking garages to infill… and still people arrive in droves.

Tips for locating a Denver apartment

Start searching early

While you can often find a great deal on an immediate move-in unit that is vacant, you’ll find the best luck getting what you need by starting to look early. This will also give you time to research neighborhoods of interest, commute, amenities, highway and recreation access, nearby nightlife and grocery stores, etc..

Prices for apartments are not only competitive but change constantly (and even daily for some properties). That unit you feel in love with yesterday for the perfect price? It might be gone today, or twice the cost.

Know your budget

As previously mentioned, the cost of living in Denver is drastically different other cities, especially those not coming from the coasts. Pricing also fluctuates depending on the season and how close to the city center the property is.

Prior to moving, ensure that your savings or your salary are enough to cover rent, groceries, and transportation. 

Keep an open mind, but be realistic

Not to scare anyone, but a healthy dose of reality is a good thing. If you have specific needs, budget, pet requirements or commuting requests you either have to be very knowledgeable of the market or very flexible on your demands.

Have paperwork and money ready

If touring be sure to bring paperwork (photo ID, job offer, bank statements and a down payment). If you fall in love with a place, it’s best to snatch it up or put it on hold. This will also lock in the price quoted during the tour (did we mention prices fluctuate?).

So rooting out the best of what you want or need takes time and effort, or the help of someone like Vita Locators.

Benefit to using Vita: time, ease & convenience

Vita Locators work with first-time renters, people who are new to Denver or those who have specific criteria in mind for their new rental.

More often than not, however, we work with apartment searchers that are too busy or don’t have the time to search hundreds of apartment listings or wait for call-backs from leasing agents.

We make it easy for mile high apartment finders to view apartments and townhomes for rent in your preferred neighborhood. Not sure where you want to live? We can help with that too.

Know what you want but not sure where to find it? That is music to our ears. Challenge accepted! We can’t tell you how many times a leasing agent has told us that we may know their property as well or better than they do.

And you won’t have to just take our word for it — we won’t just spitball some recommendations over the phone or shoot you an email.

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We’ll create a personalized renter profile for you, along with a link to our online database with hand-selected homes for you to review. Compare up to date rates and availability, high-resolution photos, pet policies, leasing fees and more!

Vita Locators is and always will be 100 percent free for our clients. We aren’t into gimmicks or quick sales — we take pride in our knowledge, expertise, and ability to help someone every day.

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