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At Vita Locators, we believe everyone deserves a home that they love and we aim to make that possible. After all, a home is often your biggest investment, in both time and resources. From having dinner with family or friends to a baby’s first steps, your home is a place where memories are created and relationships built.

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Our experienced apartment locators take the guesswork out of finding your next home. Tell us what you’re looking for — from luxury amenities to fur friendly places — and one of our apartment finders will provide you with a FREE personal list of apartments and any move-in specials available in your desired location.

We take the time to get to know you and your needs, then share the best places based on more than 17 years in Colorado real estate and hundreds of happy clients.

Vita has the most accurate property info to help you find the top deals, best values and true cost of your next apartment.

Our free apartment finder service is designed to help save you time, money and avoid all of the stress of searching on your own.

Unparalleled customer service & know-how

We maintain the most complete database of Denver, Boulder and Colorado Spring area communities and can quickly match you to rentals that meet your specific criteria including location, distance to work, amenities and pet-friendliness.

With more than 600 exceptional apartment communities located throughout the greater Denver and Boulder metro areas including LODO, Cherry Creek, Capital Hill, DTC, LOHI, RINO, the Highlands, Boulder, Littleton, Parker, Colorado Springs and beyond, we offer rental choices to fit every lifestyle and budget.

One of the best parts of our finding service is that it’s FREE. Communities pay us through their advertising budget so we’re able to help take the stress out of your move without charging you a dime. There’s no catch… read our reviews, then sign up to have Denver apartment managers start competing for your business now.

Online + easy rental access

Through the years our business has adapted to the realities of Denver’s rental market, using technology to simplify how renters find their next home. We’ve innovated in an industry badly in need of it. We’ve created an easy-t0-use, searchable directory of properties, their amenities, photos, and fees to help match qualified renters with the home they’ll love.

Vita Locators online portal has revolutionized the way apartment locating works. Renters have property managers competing for their business in a centralized environment. Competition is a good thing for renters in today’s market where it seems like property owners hold all the cards.

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