How Long Does it Take to Find an Apartment?

How Long Does it Take to Find an Apartment?

Vita Locators tips for your next move timeline

Truth be told, finding an apartment begins long before you actually start hunting moving can be pricey, not to mention stressful and time-consuming so having plenty of lead time is a real advantage.

Lead Time for Finding an Apartment: Several Months (If Possible)

Whether looking for your first apartment or just ready to move on, planning can be essential to getting the best rental for your needs. Don’t have a lot of time? No problem. We can help with that too!

Plan your budget two or so months before your moving date. The amount of money you can afford to spend each month will determine where you look for a place and the type of apartments you view.

Once you’ve settled on your rent budget, look for apartments and neighborhoods in your price range. Compile a list of all the units you want to view. Staying organized now will help you stick to your apartment hunting timeline.

Two Months Before Moving

Apartments in Denver typically require 60-90 days notice to end a lease, which means you’ll be able to know exact units available long before you need to move. As you approach the two-month mark, start scheduling apartment tours. If you are a planner you can ever start a few weeks early!

With so many apartments out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Make a list of needs, use our rental database or give us a call to understand your options.

Planning ahead gives you enough time to see multiple places, go through the paperwork process and pack (assuming you find a place you like). Shopping early also gets you the best deals and flexibility on unit availability.

On the chance that nothing is available to view and sign the day you search, you’ll still walk away understanding what you can expect within your budget as well as get a good feel for what neighborhoods and amenities you like.

A Month Before Moving

This is crunch time.

A worthwhile rental is not just an apartment, but a home. Consider commuting distance, budget, nearby grocery stores(or other priority amenities) and safety.

As soon as you find the right apartment for you, go ahead and start the paperwork process. Aside from the apartment application (which checks your credit score and eligibility), you’ll have to fill out the lease and other supporting documents.

Two to Three Weeks Before Move-In

Finish up any remaining paperwork at this time and schedule movers or friends to help on the big day. Your leasing agency or landlord may also need you to finalize rental details, submit a deposit and pick up keys.