How Do Apartment Finders Work?

How Do Apartment Finders Work?

Apartment locators do a lot to simplify and de-stress apartment hunting. Much like a qualified Realtor, an experienced apartment locator takes on the hassle of finding the right community and rental, and can do a lot to educate clients on property pros and cons.

Vita Locators combines our years of experience with our comprehensive database to provide you with the latest and most current apartment rental information 24/7. In addition, we have relationships with apartment management staff to clarify polices for special conditions, such as large dogs or accessibility.

So once you have decided to work with us, it really can be a very simple process:

  1. Register for our service.
  2. Speak to your assigned locator who will work with you to find the best properties for your needs.
  3. Review the properties you’d like to visit.
  4. Write us as your referral source on the guest card, lease application, and lease.


That’s it! It couldn’t be simpler and — best of all — it’s free.