Five Tips to Simplify Your Denver Move

Five Tips to Simplify Your Denver Move

Moving is hard enough, but moving to a new city is even harder (something we hear from dozens of apartment searchers every day). Besides using Vita Locators to ease the burden, there are a few handy tips to keep in mind when moving to Denver — whether it is from across the county or across the state.

Here’s what we’ve learned.

Get a lay of the land

Familiarize yourself with your new home town by reading the Vita’s handy Denver neighborhood guide. Where do you picture yourself? 

When checking out neighborhoods keep in mind what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for, your commute, and what time of homes are available in that neighborhood. Not all neighborhoods have townhouses, for example. Is walking to the grocery store a must? Or what about street parking and your commute?

If you still have questions or looking for deeper insights, no problem Our experienced locators can also help find the right neighborhood for you. Sign up for apartment locating.

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When it comes to packing, have a game plan

Check out this handy out-of-state moving checklist and tip sheet. Because life is hard enough, moving shouldn’t be!

Insider tip: try to boxes of similar size as they stack better and allow for easier packing.

Keep up the job hunt

Business is thriving in the metro area.

If you are looking for a job, the Denver Post has a list of the top 100 employers in Colorado. For specific openings, be sure to check out Andrew Hudson’s Job List, which specializes in the larger Denver and Boulder-area job opportunities.

Better yet – come work for Vita Locators! We’re always looking for dedicated, team-oriented agents.

Denver = a home, but also a lifestyle

Go out and experience Denver! As exciting as moving to a whole new city sounds, the reality is daunting.

Fortunately, organized social groups like or a Sport and Social Club can help. Kickball anyone?

Take it easy, relax and cut yourself some slack

You have more on your plate than usual with the move, take care of yourself along the way.

Once you do arrive, give yourself time to acclimate — not only to the altitude, but also to your surroundings. It can take many months to get into the swing of things and hey, that’s ok.

If you are already here, don’t forget to stay social and explore. Chances are there are a lot of new things in the city you haven’t seen or tried yet — and more new businesses are opening up every day!

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