How properties compete for your business

Denver apartment prices vary tremendously and change daily. What our system does is tell you up front what you can expect to pay for the rental that best fits your needs.   If it’s too much, you don’t waste your time looking at the rental.  If the landlord doesn’t think you will pass the application process based on your described credit history or income, you won’t waste your time and money looking at and applying for rentals that won’t work for you anyway.

How it works:

Call us at 303-835-4985 or CLICK HERE to create an online profile.  Tell your story about your wants and needs like floor preference, credit history, pets, urban or suburban property etc.

Once created you are automatically assigned to an apartment locator.  We have been finding Denver apartments for over 12 years and are experts at matching rentals and renters.  We’ll give you area advice, tell you about the property, and explain why we think it’s a good fit.

Once we have all agreed on a short list of rentals, landlords will be notified through our Direct Connect system and will be able to view your profile minus personal information like phone and email address.  The landlord will identify a particular apartment that best fits your needs, and send you a quote.

It’s so easy and is proven to get renters a better apartment for less money.  Don’t waste time on Craigslist, get connected now!