A Day In the Life of a Vita Agent

A Day In the Life of a Vita Agent

To give you all a look into the day to day happenings of a Vita Apartment Locators agent, we gathered information from our top agents to give you a sneak peek into a day in the life of a Vita agent.

Wake up – Time to enjoy our first cup of coffee and think about what we’re thankful for today. Family, friends, health, happiness, our wonderful team, access to the outdoors, our view this morning, our pets, and always a hot cup of joe!

Check pricing for clients – Pricing and availability in Denver change everyday! First thing we do in the morning is check pricing for our properties, find the best deals, and send them off to our clients. This way, our clients always have the updated pricing and specials so we can continue to save them money.

Team Meeting – Every team has a Zoom meeting these days! Ours takes place every morning and we share the best deals on the market so we can pass that information to our clients. Agents also share personal highlights and achievements. Of course, an agent’s dog or cat always pops in to say hi to the team as well!

Property Tours – The majority of the day the team is *boots on the ground* meeting with our clients at properties, bringing clients their favorite drink from Starbucks, and being by their side while touring properties to provide our expertise. Our team loves to be on site, see our favorite leasing agents and hustle.

Client Outreach – We don’t tour with every client everyday, so it’s essential that we reach out to everyone daily to make sure their search is going smoothly. We talk through different apartment options, schedule tours, and make sure our clients are having the best customer service! Another step here is following up with clients that have moved into their new homes. We check in regularly to make sure they love where they are and that they had a great experience with Vita!

Wrap Up The Day – We close our computers, making sure we’ve reached out to every one of our clients to let them know we are there and available to help in their search. Some of us end the day with a workout, others a meal with loved ones, and always a heart full of gratitude for our team and wonderful clients!

Every day holds new surprises, challenges, and awesome clients! We hope you enjoyed a peek into a day in the life of a Vita agent!

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