Ultimate Cherry Creek Guide

Ultimate Cherry Creek Guide

Despite being a short drive from downtown Denver, Cherry Creek is a distinct neighborhood all its own. Resplendent with gorgeous parks, and upscale living and amenities.

Moving to Cherry Creek soon? First things first, understand that living in one of the beautiful Cherry Creek apartments will give you access to one of the fanciest neighborhoods in the whole of Denver.

And this is not an exaggeration.

Things to do in Cherry Creek

Moving to Cherry Creek and securing one of the luxurious Cherry Creek apartments is just one step towards enjoying this neighborhood. Everywhere in Cherry Creek, there are fancy spots to keep you entertained.


Stepping into any of the high-class restaurants and fancy bars in Cherry Creek is an experience. In the Cherry Creek North shopping center alone, there are some 50 spots to explore. The options are as diverse as the offerings they provide. And around the neighborhood? Way more!

Whether you are munching on some steak and sipping your cocktail or biting into some snack, Cherry Creek is bent on pampering you.


If you love shopping, the luxury shops will unleash your inner shopaholic. From boutiques to jewelry shops, your favorite brands are well represented. The hundreds upon hundreds of shops here have made sure of that. This is only natural for an affluent neighborhood like Cherry Creek.


What about outdoor activities? Well, let’s start with hiking. Have you heard of the 11 mile Cherry Creek trail? It will take your breath away. This concrete trail goes through other masterpieces in the neighborhood, like the Four Mile Historic Park.


To appeal to the fancy taste of the residents of Cherry Creek, this neighborhood is home to tens of art galleries and garden spaces You don’t have to buy the arts to explore them. You can just enjoy the beauty. There is so much to fill your eyes.

But arts are more than the visuals. So, get ready to be mesmerized by the annual three-day Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The exhibitions are marvelous, pulling in a massive 350,000 people every July. Cherry Creek is beautiful, and the residents are more than eager to showcase beauty.

The area is also home to a long-standing weekly farmer’s market where visitors can enjoy local arts, crafts, home-grown food and food trucks galore.

Living in Cherry Creek

Those looking to live in the Cherry Creek area can find luxury townhouses, high-rise condos, single-family homes, and a few more affordable options in surrounding Cherry Creek Drive South. Generally, however, the residents of Cherry Creek live above average. 

According to Sperling’s Best Places, housing is the primary driver of the high cost of living. The median home price in Cherry Creek is $629,300. Rental prices can vary greatly, depending on the time of year and type of building. On average, however, residents can expect to pay about $2000/month to live in this prime location.

Given its appeal, finding housing in the area can be difficult. If you are looking to move to the Cherry Creek area, contact Vita for the smoothest move.