Ultimate 2020 Boulder Apartment Search Guide

Ultimate 2020 Boulder Apartment Search Guide

Boulder, CO has long attracted outdoor lovers and tourists alike because of its position in the Rocky Mountains. When you arrive in Boulder, you will immediately notice the breath-taking scenery. From snow-covered mountains to the busy city’s skyline, you will always feel excited to look out the window. If you are looking to move to this trendy, but busy college town or maybe just looking for a new apartment, we are going to provide you with some insights on how you can find the Boulder apartment of your dreams.

Ask nearly any transplant, and they’ll likely say they came for a visit and fell in love.

But before you pick up and put down roots here, there are a few things to know to master your apartment search in Boulder.

Mastering the Apartment Search in Boulder

Cost of living in Boulder

With new companies moving to Boulder every day along with the large student population, apartment costs have skyrocketed in Boulder. Recent stats show the average cost of an apartment around $1900 per month in Boulder. The average cost of living in Boulder is higher than the national average, but even if you are living on a smaller budget there are still deals to find. Availability changes fast, however, so if you do find a good deal on an apartment don’t wait to put in a deposit.

Understanding Boulder neighborhoods

You are a student or a new family with small children; there are great apartment options. If you are a family, it is best to consider the areas known for its family-oriented feel. The neighborhood of East Foot Hills is considered to one of the most family orientated areas in Boulder. However, if you are a student looking for an apartment, you may be best served by choosing an apartment in central or downtown Boulder; this will keep you right in the heartbeat of the campuses.

Safety in Boulder

While Boulder enjoys a reputation of a pretty safe place to live, it does rank slightly higher than the national average for property crime theft. Even when looking by neighborhood, crime in the city overall is very low, especially compared to other cities of its size and density. It’s important, however, to never take security for granted. For the latest statistics, check out Boulder crime rates on Numbeo.

Boulder traffic

Since Colorado keeps growing, the traffic is growing with it.

When choosing your perfect apartment, you will want to keep in mind your daily commute to school or work. Boulder traffic can be a serious headache and make for a long drive to work. It is common for people in metro Boulder to ride bicycles on their daily commute; this not only saves money on gas, but could get you there faster because you will miss out on the daily traffic jams.  If traffic is not a concern for you or the apartment of your dreams is just a bit too far for a bike ride, you could also look into using shuttle services in the area like the EcoPass program.

The important part of apartment living: know thyself

​Ultimately, when starting your apartment search, make sure the apartment itself fits your needs. We can speak all day long about budget, commutes, and views – but what makes an apartment home? You spend a lot of time there – does it feel like a retreat? Can you entertain?

When you are serious about finding the best available apartments, keep in mind Vita in mind. Our agents are skilled apartment finders – and apartment dwellers themselves. We would love to help find your Boulder apartment today.​