? Earth Day 2021 In & Around Denver ?

? Earth Day 2021 In & Around Denver ?

Celebrate ? Earth Day 2021 and Living Green in Denver ?

The hummingbirds are back to bring us joy. 

The ? bears are out and about with their babies.

The ? flowers are blooming.

The ? hills are alive and you can almost hear the Sound of Music ? soundtrack playing when you drive into the mountains. ?

? Spring is here and it is the time to celebrate this beautiful planet and city we live in.  ? Earth Day is April 22 and there are so many ways we can show our love to help keep Denver and the surrounding areas green. 

Here are some great events you and your family can go to or volunteer!

Being ? โ€œGreenโ€ starts with where and how you live!

There are so many little ways to lessen your carbon footprint and it starts with where you live.  LEED certified properties are one of the ways you can make sure you are leaving the least environmental impact!

Have you ever wondered what it means to live in a LEED certified building? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Here are some of the categories that score buildings points that make them environmentally friendly:

  • Location and transportation – Can you use public transportation or walk!
  • Materials and Resources– Use sustainable and earth-friendly products, while reducing waste
  • Water Efficiency 
  • Energy and atmosphere -enhance energy performance and promote great indoor air and environmental quality.
  • Sustainable sites – Design the project in such a way that the natural resources and ecosystems nearby can naturally take part of the design minimizing environmental pollution.
  • Indoor environmental quality – Increase daylight usage and promote natural ventilation.

Vita agents know the best buildings that range from being Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified in and around the Denver area!  If you are looking to find your next place and the best building for the environment reach out today! Register Here

It is a win-win situation!  ? Low energy bills, great locations and neighborhoods with lots of natural light and great for the environment! Save money ? while saving the environment! ?

Tells us how you are celebrating ? Earth Day!