Winter Moving Tips

Winter Moving Tips

Considering a Winter move? Take our advice on why and how to plan a painless moving experience

Benefits to Winter moving

A winter move may seem anything but warm and nice, but there are actually many upsides to choosing the winter or even fall months to switch abodes.

First, pricing. Avoiding the peak moving season can really be a boon for your wallet. Not only are rent prices less, but also moving services as well.

Avoiding the warmer months also means avoiding the crowds. This means that you may be able to enjoy more flexible scheduling for move-in dates and possibly more personalized attention from apartments and moving companies.

These are all great benefits to weather the cold (yes, we had to go there). So if youre planning a move during the cold season, check out our tips below to make the move go as smoothly as possible.

Our Winter moving checklist

  1. Check the weather frequently: this will help you dress appropriately and plan for the best time(s) to move
  2. Start early and be prepared: given the frequent weather changes in Colorado, plan for a narrow window to be outdoors moving boxes. It’s best to have all boxes ready to pack and go so the day-of you need only worry about loading and unloading.
  3. Keep extra supplies: another part of being prepared is having extra tape, jumper cables, gloves and other supplies on hand.
  4. Dress in layers: layers will help you stay warm, but be less bulky than a wool coat. As you start to get a workout it’ll also make it easy to take off a layer or two as you’re packing.
  5. Turn off the heat:With so many people going in and out of your home, why battle keeping it warm? Some some hard-earned cash and turn off the heat in both your new and old units.
  6. Check that parking area and/or lane-ways are clear: no matter what the time of year you move, always ensure there’s parking available for moving truck(s) or vehicles. This includes checking for clear sidewalks free of leaves and snow. Also, if you’re moving into a large apartment complex check with the building on the best loading options and if you can reserve a dedicated elevator.