Tips on Finding an Apartment and Moving in the Time of COVID-19

Tips on Finding an Apartment and Moving in the Time of COVID-19

What does moving look like in the summer of 2020? Very normal! But it may feel a little different as you look for a new home and prepare your belongings for the move. Your agents here at Vita Apartment Locators have put together some tips of the trade to make your move easy and seamless, while following guidelines and making sure you’re comfortable with the process.

Finding Your New Home

As communities begin to open up, a handful of apartments have started providing contactless in-person touring on properties. However, many are sticking to virtual tours and videos. As you look for an apartment right now, keep in mind that you may not always have the option to see the exact unit in-person before your move. Vita agents have access to virtual tours, exclusive photos, and can help you get the best visual of your new home.

Use a Trusted Agency

If you’re most comfortable staying inside right now, your agent has the expertise to help you make an informed decision that you are excited about! It is not impossible to rent sight unseen and many do it every day. But you don’t have to go it alone and Vita is always here to help. Sign up for free apartment finding.

With over 100 neighborhoods to choose from, we provide you with various Denver apartments to start your search and talk through the different properties with you to find the best fit. Vita has knowledgable agents available to assist seven days a week, sending video tours, attending in-person tours alongside you, and acting as your professional reference throughout your apartment search.

Making the Move

Found your new home? Time to pack! Standard cardboard boxes and tape are always a safe bet, but some people swear by reusable plastic moving boxes/bins for a time-saving, environmentally friendly option. A plus with these boxes is that you can sanitize them once you get them, and again after they are moved to your new apartment.

When moving day comes, stock up on hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and have your mask on hand. The morning of your move, pick up your keys and head straight to the new apartment to do some sanitizing. Wipe everything down from inside the refrigerator to the door handles and bathroom counters. This helps you start with a safe, clean space for your move!

Once your movers arrive, offer them hand sanitizer and a bottle of water (trust me, they will appreciate it!). Be sure to have all of your belongings packed away and labeled so your movers can be quick and efficient. Sit back, and let them do their job.

Once you’re all moved in, do another round of sanitizing, and relax and enjoy your new home!