Make the Most of Your Apartment in Quarantine

Make the Most of Your Apartment in Quarantine

This year, we’ve been spending a lot of time inside. Because of that, it’s important that your home, your apartment, is comfortable and a place that you enjoy being! We’ve put together some tips for making your quarantine headquarters a place of relaxation and productivity all in one.

Think About Your Apartment Space

If you’ve lived in the same apartment for a year or more, it’s likely your furniture layout hasn’t changed in some time. Quarantine is the perfect time to mix that up! Move your couch around to other side of the wall. Get some new pillows to match with the changing of seasons. Now is when you can get creative and design a new look for your apartment in quarantine.

Maybe you need more space in quarantine. Many apartments offer the option of transferring your lease within the complex to another unit. If you’re in a studio and need more space, it may be easier than you think to move next-door to a one-bedroom unit!

Don’t Take Your Work To Bed

It’s likely that you are one of the many many people working from home right now during quarantine. Because of that, it’s so important to create separate spaces for your activities within your apartment.

Having a small desk or space on your countertop where you can commit to getting your work done will help you stay more productive during the work day. This will also help to keep your bedroom a relaxing, safe, space where work is not allowed.

It’s also helpful to set up an area where you can get your body moving. Into yoga? Put your pat out and it will remind you to stretch regularly. Need something heavier? Set those weights by the kitchen and do lunges while you heat up your next snack.

Try Some New Dishes

Your kitchen is your oyster! Whether you’re utilizing grocery delivery or getting takeout, now is the time to try some new dishes and have some fun in the kitchen. Crack into that cookbook that has been collecting dust, or search recipes from your favorite food blogger.

And it’s not just about you! If your pet is needing some love in quarantine, check out the best delivery services for your pet in quarantine.

Stay Busy With Quarantine Activities

Being inside all day, it’s extremely important to keep your mind stimulated. Travel and Leisure came out with a list of 100+ Fun Things to Do In Quarantine. From art projects to virtual museums, there are way more activities you can do from your apartment than you may think!

Having a special activity to break up the day or get excited about will create an easier adjustment to your apartment in quarantine. We may not have a lot of control this year, but your home can be a haven in this time!