Apartment Touring Checklist

Apartment Touring Checklist

Finding a new apartment can be daunting, and touring units time-consuming. Fortunately, we’ve put together a checklist of what to look for, ask about and check out when touring an apartment.

Having an apartment touring checklist is handy to keep track of everything you see, and to review later when making your ultimate decision on where to live.

So, to keep track of everything. Factors such as safety, availability of amenities, among others are essential. Sometimes you may only have a few minutes to check the home, which can be difficult to check everything or ask questions to the property consultant.

This guide contains all the crucial things you must look for when touring Denver apartments.

Tour the neighborhood

Even though it is good to look for the new address, allow your eyes to look everywhere including the surrounding areas. Is the area near public transportation? Or is it easy to drive there? Does the area have enough fast food joints and bars?

It is advisable to visit the neighborhood at least three times a day, especially during rush hour to know how the place is at this time. The most important thing for you is your safety and comfort. When you finally settle in your home, make sure to check what’s next door.

Inquire about the age of the building and year of construction
Check if there have been some significant renovations or changes to the property. Knowing the edge of the building will help you know more about the age of the facilities inside the walks or the number of renovations and repairs you will do on the windows, flooring, ceilings, or plumbing.

Inspect fixtures

No one wants to endure a year of showers with low water pressure. Turn on faucets and ensure proper pressure strength, clear water and that there is nothing wrong with the pipes. Do this throughout the unit.

Inspect the windows

Examine the windows of the house to ensure they are working accordingly. Make sure they have screens, and if not, ask if they could be installed because you do not want pets going out or insects finding their way in.

Safety locks are another feature to look for, especially if you have children. So, check that too.

Look for water damage

Inspect the ceiling, walls, and floors for any sign of water damage. Check for mildew, mold, cracking and staining- these are common signs of water damage. Water damage could be an expensive problem to live with.

Check available utilities & amenities

Even though most property consultants put this on their ads, verify and make sure you are clear on which kinds of services are available in your potential home. For the most part, utilities may include hot water, air conditioning, shared electric bills, and control heating.

Also take the time to check the community amenities including parking, laundry, fitness centers, dog walks and more. Look to see how well maintained they are, if the equipment is working and how far the facilities are from your potential unit.

Listen to the noise level

When in the building, and especially the units, be sure to stop and listen for any neighbors.

Are you potential neighbors stomping or playing loud unbearable music. Are you comfortable with the beeping of the nearby traffic signal?

While your tour is likely during the day, it may be a good idea to come to the neighborhood at night to see how lively it is. Can you handle the noise from the traffic? Do you hear dogs barking or children screaming?

While none of the above factors should be a deal-breaker, assuming you will get noise-canceling headphones or earplugs, you genuinely do not want to be surprised by loud noises, especially if you have signed the rental or purchase agreement.

Write down lease details

It may seem obvious, but include lease details on the checklist so when you go back to compare properties info is all in one place.

After touring a few communities you’ll be surprised how information starts to blend together.

Things to avoid while apartment finding

• Do not be late for the tour
• Do not bring drinks and food to the house
• Do not waste time touring the home when you know it is above or below your price range. You may end up disappointing yourself later
• Do not wait too long for an apartment you want, as the market can change every day.

Apartment finding does not have to be a challenging endeavor, especially if you know what you are looking for in a home. With the above apartment touring checklist, you can now find your dream apartment and live happily ever after.

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