Using an Apartment Locator: Common Myths & Misconceptions

Using an Apartment Locator: Common Myths & Misconceptions

When wondering whether to use an apartment locator, it is best to know what you are looking for in an apartment. An apartment locator has many positives for certain people that can utilize services. Best of all, Vita’s locating services, unlike some others, are no cost to you!

If you are thinking of moving to Denver, Boulder or nearby suburbs, it is very useful to use a locator but there are some common misconceptions that may be holding you back. Here are the reasons you should consider using an apartment locator.

Myth: an apartment locator costs me more in rent

Will working with Vita in the mile-high city cost you? Absolutely not.

Even if the apartments you are shown didn’t use the locator, they would still charge the same amount of rent to you. The market rate is the same for everyone.

The apartments have an overall budget for success, including marketing, advertising and referrals. Large properties work with us because they want to keep their apartments filled and we help spread the word.

More often than not, working with Vita can actually save you money. We are in constant contact with properties and aware of the sometimes daily rate changes, specials and even unit-specific deals. And, since we work with nearly every quality property in the metro area we have no vested interest in which property you choose but just finding you the best one for your needs.

Myth: I will be able to find everything on my own

It’s true not everyone needs help finding a rental. However, while the large influx of rentals hitting the market over the last few years makes Denver a great place to live, it sadly is hard to navigate.

There are so many apartment complexes in Denver and the Denver area it is so overwhelming. We know there are plenty of tools and resources out there to find an apartment, but we pride ourselves on making it much easier, quicker and painless for you.

Vita can show you what is available currently as well as upcoming apartments that haven’t hit the market yet thanks to the special relationship formed over the years between the locators and the property managers.

Apartments are snatched up so quickly in Denver, it is best to have help when looking for an apartment.

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Myth: apartment locators cherry pick properties

Vita absolutely does not cheery pick properties for you. Thanks to our 16 years in the market and hundreds of property partners, we don’t have to.

Instead, Vita Locators listens to your wants and needs and shows you the best possible options.

If you feel that you are being led on by a locator who only works with a handful of communities, be on guard. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but you should speak to them to ensure they are showing you communities that are right for you. Ultimately, it is your name on the lease and you want the right fit.

At the same, please do be aware of market rates and the current high demand. Sometimes a specific unit, while perfect, may not be open on the specific day you are hoping for or the rent special may end by the time you book. Vita is happy to help navigate these waters for you.

Myth: working with a locator takes up a lot of time

It is stressful looking for an apartment. And time-consuming. A great apartment locator can take that stress and time burden off of you.

Using Vita apartment locators really starts to give you a sense of where you are in an area and what that area has to offer. Once you are more educated about the apartments available, you can make a good decision. Apartment locators are excellent to use when you have a short amount of time to find an apartment.

Hopefully, these points about apartment locators will help dispell some of the misconceptions about apartment locators. 

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